Welcome to Off and Running Travel!

Hello Off and Running Travel community! I write this post sitting in a bar in Wiesbaden, Germany, my new home as of the past three weeks. I’ve long thought about creating a travel blog, but this move really helped convince me. While exciting, it’s tough to be in a new area. Sometimes, you just want to go out for a great run and relax. But when I moved here, I realized that there really weren’t any resources to help me. I tried all the typical sites to no avail. I’d seen bike paths but didn’t know exactly where to go. So I decided to explore. And I was blown away by how beautiful the area was. After chatting with a local I flagged down, I found a nature/hunting preserve and even got some trail running in. After that, I decided that I wanted to create a blog to share my experiences with other travelers. More importantly, I hope to help build a community of active travelers…a community that no matter where you travel, you can find someone to recommend a great run, hike, or adventure. So enjoy, share, and please let me know how I can improve this site! Also be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Below are some photos from my new home!

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